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05Apr14 - New Package: Andrews AFB Version 3

Roundel USAThis freeware AI package, produced by Desmond Burrell for Military AI Works, contains everything needed to activate Andrews Air Force Base.

Andrews Screenshot 1This package specifically depicts the 89th Airlift Wing and the 375th Airlift Wing. Both of these units provide executive transport and host various squadrons to conduct this mission including the Presidential Airlift Squadron which operates the two VC-25A aircraft which are used primarily for transport of the President of the United States.

Andrews Screenshot 2Included in this package is a whole range of executive jets courtosy of Alpha India Group, Henry Tomkiewicz and FSX AI Bureau with paints from Mark Heimer, Mark Walsh and Graham King. They replace some older models released in previous version of Andrews AFB or the 89th AW, so please read the included reamde carefully to avoid any conflicts with other MAIW packages.

We hope you will enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and new packages coming soon!

25Feb14 - New Package: IDF Part 7 - Nevatim Air Base

Roundel IsraelMilitary Ai Works is proud to present you the seventh and final part of the IDF series by Giorgio Perotti: Nevatim Air Base.

Nevatim Israeli Air Force Base, is an Israeli Air Force base located southeast of Be'er Sheva, near moshav Nevatim. It was built as a rough runway in 1947 and was named Malhata. It was reopened in 1983 as a new modern airbase with 2 runways as the result of joint Israeli and US government funding as part of the IAF's redeployment out of its bases in the Sinai, after it was returned to Egypt, following the Camp David Accords.

IAF Part 7 ScreenshotSince 2003 the base has gradually received more squadrons of F-16s. A third runway was built in the mid-2000s decade as part of a project to accommodate the transfer of military activities previously taking place at Ben Gurion International Airport, to Nevatim. Israel's fleet of Lockheed Martin F-35-I will be based in Nevatim starting in 2015.

Models included are the C-130, F-16, G-V, IAI-1124 and KC-707, providing a nice variety of cargo, business and fighter planes.

01Jan14 - Happy New Year! IDF Part 6 - Tel Nof AB

Roundel IsraelTo kick off 2014 MAIW presents part 6 of our series covering the air forces of the Israeli Defense Forces by Giorgio Perotti featuring Tel Nof Air Base.

This base is the primary operational and training center for all IDF paratroop forces, as well as the home of Unit 699 (a.k.a. Maslul), the Israeli Defense Force Airborne Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) unit under the Special Air Force Command (KAHAM). Screenshot IDF5_001In addition to the two operational squadrons on F-15, Tel Nof is home to the MANAT evaluation unit which conducts flight testing and evaluation of aircraft and weapons systems. This unit is designated as the 601 squadron.

This package contains all the elements required to activate Tel Nof in FS9. We hope you enjoy part 6 of our series covering the air forces of the Israeli Defense Force!

25Dec13 - Merry Christmas! French Puma AI Model

Roundel FranceA special release from the team of Miljan Korac, Nick Black and Michael MacIntyre, they bring you the SA330B Puma model with several variants included. This IS NOT a full MAIW package, you will need to supply your own AFD files, however we have included a set of flight plans from Dan Reeves to use with the models. Please download the model from the MAIW Contributors Hanger forum inside our main forums. We hope you enjoy our newest AI helicopter which features imporved takeoff and landing animations.

25Dec13 - Merry Christmas! Barksdale Air Force Base

Roundel USASpreading your holiday cheer this year with a model that has been long awaited, we bring you the mighty B-52 and Barksdale AFB for your virtual skies!

Screenshot IDF5_001

Older than every single pilot who flies her today, the legendary 'BUFF' soldiers on as a workhorse for the United States Air Force. Having seen combat in multiple campaigns spanning decades, this mighty aircraft is a legend in its own right.

Screenshot IDF5_001

Military AI Works presents our Barksdale AFB package featuring the B-52H model by the team of Mike Pearson, Jake Burrus and Mike MacIntyre. With accurate aircraft textures by Mike Pearson and a stunning recreation of Barksdale AFB by John Stinstrom, this package presents the largest BUFF base in the world with multiple model variations and animated scenery that will bring this strategic base to life. Download this long awaited package today!

23Dec13 - New Package: IDF Part 5: Ramat David Air Base

Roundel IsraelPart 5 of our series covering the Israeli Defense Force: IDF Ramat David Air Base by Giorgio Perotti is our next package release.

Ramat David Israeli Air Force Base, is one of three principal airbases of the Israeli Air Force. It is located in the north of Israel, southeast of Haifa, close to kibbutz Ramat David in the Jezreel Valley. It was originally built as a Royal Air Force station in 1942 under the British Mandate, when it was known as RAF Ramat David.

Screenshot IDF5_001The base hosts three F-16 Squadrons the 109th, 110th, and 117th squadron. This package features custom scenery, flight plans, aircraft textures, callsigns and all the elements needed to activate Ramat David Air Base in Flight Simulator 2004!

10Nov13 - New Package: IDF Part 4: Ramon Air Base

Roundel IsraelOur newest package is part 4 of our series covering the Israeli Defense Force: IDF Ramon Air Base by Giorgio Perotti.

Screenshot IDF4_003Ramon is an Israeli Air Force base southwest of Beersheba, near the town of Mitzpe Ramon. This package covers the F-16I and AH-64A/D models operating from this important base and features custom scenery, flight plans, aircraft textures, callsigns and all the elements needed to bring Ramon Air Base to life in your virtual skies! Download it today!

01Nov13 - New Package: Siauliai Air Base

Roundel LithuaniaOnce a Soviet air base, Siauliai officially became the Lithuanian Air Force's major airfield in 1993. As of today, Siauliai hosts a transport squadron equipped with three Alenia C-27s and an L-410 plus a single L-39.

Screenshot llithuania1The airfield also hosts NATO’s Baltic Air Policing forces. This package by Giacomo Gramazio contains all the elements needed to activate this base in FS2004. This also marks our first package for the nation of Lithuania.

Download it today!

05Oct13 - New Package: Romanian 71st Air Base

Roundel IsraelAfter a break following our 7th anniversary we are back at it with our newest package from Miljan Korac featuring the 71st Air Base of the Romanian Air Force.

Screenshot LRCT1This package features the MiG-21 Lancer model by Mike Pearson and Mike MacIntyre flying from Campia Turzii Air Base in Romania. In addition to the normal aircraft models, textures and more, Miljan and his team have beautifully recreated this air base in great detail with full custom scenery that deserves careful inspection for its special features. We hope you enjoy this outstanding package from one of the last operators of the legendary MiG-21!